Siege Drummers

Siege Drummers was a class project at Full Sail University. The goal was to create a game with a unique control scheme.

We used 2 Rock Band drum kits in a versus configuration, the goal of the game is to hit a combination of drum pads (buttons) faster than your opponent.

I programmed the user interface, the core gameplay of the game, the FMOD sound wrapper and the animation system. I also wrote the majority of the documentation of the game: the design document and manual.

The game took two months to complete. One month for pre-production and tool production and one month for game production.

Note: During development, two of our team members (myself included) were swapped to another team, but managed to complete the project on time and relatively bug free. This was a validation that I could adapt quickly to changing circumstances.

Our teachers created the “wheel of misfortune” to simulate real-world setbacks during the course of development. Every team must spin the wheel twice during the final month of development and out of all possible misfortunes getting “team-swapped” is by far the worst.

WARNING: The game requires an Xbox360 controller or a Rock Band drum kit to work.

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